“Meth TV” and “Colombo TV” are twin channels of Meth Lanka Private Limited, 294/2, Gajaba Mw, Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka. “Meth TV” is a dedicated telecast for promoting Buddhism locally and globally while “Colombo TV” caters all sorts of taste with entertainment, politics, education, news and business. One can view the channels on PEO TV-111, YouTube, FaceBook or Mobile App.

Meth TV pays first priority for protecting and promoting Buddhism universally. Not only does it telecast events but dose organizes, coordinate and sponsor any events local or global. It is a part of the Program Agenda that Meth TV organizes a number of outdoor events of religious value. Concurrently, Colombo TV, in its philosophy, creates a platform for local entrepreneurs to bloom. Further, it envisions bridging global market to local trade, tourism and servicing sector.


Another key vision of Colombo TV is to serve the Sri Lankans living in foreign countries being a “Communication Bridge” that connects them to the motherland. “Meth TV” and “Colombo TV” are ahead of business values that it always focuses on social responsibility. Besides its media responsibility for “Building a moral community” it works for personal and community development. “Uthumu Sathkara” is one such program that supports the individuals and communities needy of natural disasters, personal disabilities and so of.